phaedra hise


Digging Up Good Stories

Sifting through sand to find ancient Spanish coins on the ocean floor....Tasting fine Virginia distilled spirits and chocolates....Revving up an Italian motorcycle to 120 miles per hour on a pro racetrack....Coughing and clawing my way through a hoarder's 20-year household stash. Basically, I'm not having fun unless I'm out there learning something new from people with great stories to share.




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I read your story and was...chilled.
— Geraldo Rivera
Her sense of adventure makes her a fearless reporter, an enterprising writer and — above all —a great collaborator.
— Inc.
Phaedra has an unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. Her knack for creative thinking and problem solving was critical, from conception to final execution of both print and digital content,
— Edible Richmond
Phaedra is a firecracker...and her amazing energy is contagious!
— Colloquy


about me

I've spent over 20 years telling great stories as an award-winning journalist, editor and author. My work has appeared in national publications, been anthologized in books and has even secured a few million investment dollars for a scrappy startup company. I'm happiest turning complex or obscure topics into compelling, readable stories.